Thursday, 31 March 2016

Top 5 Newest Shows

Hello there! It's been a while since I've posted anything on this blog, but I thought why not make the first post of 2016 one of my infamous 'Top  5' posts. Now I thought it was only fitting for this blog since my last post was about the best TV shows of 2015, but they were not necessarily new shows while in this post I have composed a list of shows that are brand new in the year of 2015 and even the start of 2016. Do remember this is just my personal opinion of what I think are the best shows over the last year and I'm not saying that everyone else should be thinking the same as me. There are a few shows that I could have added to this list that have come out in the last year, like 'iZombie' for example, this is one of my favourite shows at the moment. The reason that it has not reached this list is because I wanted to focus on the series' that had only realised their first season and 'iZombie' had Season 1 come out last March and Season 2 started in October, little weird I know but I'm not one to complain. But I digress I hope you enjoy this post and what I have said about these posts.

5. Heroes Reborn- Now I know this might seem hypocritical about what I had previously stated about 'iZombie' and only wanting to focus on shows with currently only one Season but if you look on IMDb, it does in fact state that this is its first Season as it is classed as a whole new show compared to the older series. Not like I need to justify what I post on my own blog but anyway. I found this show to be quite a good series, I mean it was not as good as the original series especially Season 1 of the show, however it was a lot better than Season 4 of the original series. Enough said about Season 4 of 'Heroes'. For anyone who hasn't seen the series it is basically just the same old same, save the world, and a number of heroes from around the world all join together to form an alliance to battle against a greater evil and you know, just the destruction of the Earth as per usual. It does give that feeling that it is just copying the first series a little but rather than it being about the cheerleader being the reason as the world's savior, it is twins separated at birth. Plus rather than Sylar being the main bad guy in it, it is this big company called Renautas. If you do watch make sure that you have watched all of 'Heroes' otherwise it will make no sense whatsoever, although even if you aware of everything going your head can still get baffled.

4. Man in the High Castle- This is a new series on Amazon Prime and it is based off the novel by Philip K. Dick, a strange author who has written such weird stories like The Minority Report. I think Philip K. Dick is just fascinated by these worlds with a 'what if' scenario, but I love these ideas. Just one of these ideas is shown in this novel/show 'The Man in the High Castle', based in a world where the Nazi's had won the Second World War with the help of the Japanese Empire and have occupied North America. Splitting it up into three zones, the East belonging to the Nazi's, the West belonging to the Japanese and central of North America had formed a neutral zone. There are some parts that absolutely play with your mind and make you confused at to what is happening, while there are other parts which make you feel a little uneasy with the way the Nazi ideals are upheld in both factions. Other than that the story is very good and it is enjoyable to watch, it might be hard to get into, but once you do you will find that is something that you can not wait till the next episode or series.

3. Legends of Tomorrow- This is yet another series that has entered into the ever so increasing DC Universe as created by the network The CW, previously creating such hit series' like 'Arrow' and 'The Flash'. This series is about a rag tag group of heroes and villains that have formed together to defeat a great evil, a villain named Vandal Savage who is an immortal with the hope of controlling the entire Earth. This group of adventurers or 'Legends' is formed by a, get this, 'Time Master' called Rip Hunter. A Time Master? Now what does that remind me of, and it doesn't help that Rip Hunter's character is played by Arthur Darvill, someone who has been in that series that contain something similar to 'Time Masters', I just can't seem to put my finger on it...Doctor something...I've got it I think it's Doctor What! Anyway other than its plagiarism problems, it is a good series and is enjoyable to watch but I doubt it will make much sense without watching 'The Flash' or 'Arrow'. I don't know what it is but for some reason I love this idea about an immortal tyrant who brings terror to the world throughout history. Does that make me evil? No surely not...well maybe. But if you love villains just as much as me, give it a look up.

2. Humans- Reaching silver is this brilliant show there is not much else to say about it but I guess I should find something. Well, what can I say other than it involves robots who are sentient, a great story with twists and Jen from 'The IT Crowd'. The story is very well made, the world as people know it is full of robots that help out around the house and can do other such jobs for humans, even some that can be seen show we say...perverted. Moving on, the main plot line is that there are a few robots or as known in this, 'Synths', that have become completely sentient and feel like they have no need for human anymore. This not necessarily in the obliteration of humans, just that they should leave humanity and find somewhere for them to live in peace, this mission is helped along by some sympathetic humans who do not see them as threats as others might. It is a recreation of a Swedish programme I believe but it is still interpreted in its own unique brilliant way and i cannot wait for the Second Season.

1. Jessica Jones- The front runner of the list is this new series by Netflix, made off the comics of Marvel about a freelance detective who has powers that have proven to be helpful with her occupation. This is connected to the Netflix/Marvel series 'Daredevil, as both are set in New York and they both have the same characters and even references to each other. I think this series is just absolutely brilliant to watch, it has a brilliant story, characters and is completely unpredictable right to the very end of the series. The show also includes a brilliant villain, 'Killgrave' or 'Purple Man', played by the brilliant actor David Tennant, who is by far my favourite actor. But I digress, it is a show that is definitely not for the younger audience as it does contain some adult content to put it gently but this is what I like about it, it is a more realistic view to the comics. To sum this series up briefly the protagonist has a new case that involves kidnapping, murder and numerous other crimes, with a hope to prove the innocence of a client and to exact revenge on her nemesis, Killgrave. Of all the new series that I have seen this year, this is by far is my favourite and is the best hence why it is my number 1 on this list, obviously.

So there it is guys, that is the list of my favourite new shows within the last year and I hope that you enjoy these shows just as much as I have done.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

My top 5 favourite TV shows of 2015

Well 2015 is almost over and the dawn of 2016 approaches. And with this year there has been some absolutely brilliant pieces of television and I have selected what I believe to be the best of them in my opinion. But before I go onto to talk about my top five, I will just talk briefly about some of the programmes that didn't quite make the top of the list but deserve some recognition. I'll start with The Walking Dead, it is a great show and has been since it has begun but I feel like the last few series it has been lacking and dare I say a bit boring. But I still do love this show. Humans has been another great new show about a world with 'Synths' helping the everyday person. It was a very gripping drama which made you impatient for the next one. I look very much to the next series. Another show is Penny Dreadful, this is quite a dark adult show about witches, monsters and the lark. It is something that I have recently got into because it is my sort of show as you can probably tell with this blog. Constantine was a great show which I was truly thought would go onto to do so much but unfortunately it was cancelled after the first season. I am quite upset that it was cancelled as it finished with a massive cliffhanger and was surely destined for greatness. Gotham was so close to being in the top five as it is one of my favourite shows. It is obviously about the tales of Batman but when he is a child, centering more around a young Jim Gordon. It is, at least I think, a truly great show which is worth watching.

5. The Strain- This is a show that I have recently got wind of and as soon as I started to watch it, I was not able to stop. The best the way I can easily describe this programme, is that it is like a mix between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Walking Dead. The reason this has climbed so highly on my list of my favourite shows is because it does remind me of those shows but it just has everything in this type of programme that I like. If you have not seen this programme, it is basically about an epidemic or 'strain' in New York city, parasites that make people into zombie-ish vampires and the lark. It not only has a lot of action and effects, but the story too is just amazing, the depth of backstory that it goes into. Some of it I admit can be a bit stupid or a little annoying but it is a really good show. I do recommend this show and say that should at least give it a try.

4. Agents of Shield- This show, although probably well known, is something that I do enjoy to watch. This is because I am a big comic book fan and I have loved the Marvel adaptations, and i feel like this series does them justice. Although this might not have the great heroes and legends are Marvel involved, it has gone on to prove that it has its on legends and story to show which goes on in between or in the background of the films. What I do like about this series is that whenever it collides, timeline wise, it mentions or has a themed episode about the particular movie that is coming out while the show is on. For example when Thor: The Dark World came into cinemas it had an episode which concerned about citizens finding these 'Berserker' items. I do think that anyone who hasn't watched this show already should do, especially if you are a comic book fan, or a Marvel Cinematic Universe follower.

3. Arrow- Now this is a programme that is ins fourth series at the moment and I have loved it from the moment that it had started, it has always been a show that has been truly entertaining. I don't think there is anyone or any reason why you would not like this programme, it is just packed full with action and secrets. The character is basically the same as Batman, he is a billionaire by day and a vigilante by night but since there is no show about and adult Batman, so this will have to do. But this a very good show, especially since it has had a crossover with another superhero series The Flash, which has just made it that much better. This has unleashed the full potential of the show as it has had more characters from the comics but it has also created entirely new ones in the process, it has just been something that has broken expectations and more so. However it has felt like it has become a little repetitive at times and can become a little boring or predictable. This is one of  my favourite shows and I cannot wait for the future of it and will enjoy the episodes to come.


2. The Flash- Now I mentioned this show before when I said how it crossovers with the Arrow series, this is one of the best series that I have seen in a long while. It is a lot better than Arrow by a long mile, as it is something new, in the way that Arrow dealt with basically normal people while The Flash has dealt with these super beings or 'meta-humans'. It is a programme which has truly grasped the roles of its characters and their back stories and even some stories which have been interpreted differently. The show started with the explosion of the particle accelerator in Central City, this part was already shown in Arrow Season 2, but this lead to the creation of 'meta humans' and 'The Flash' himself. There are different types of Flashes in the DC Comics but this one is the story of Barry Allen, who was struck by lightning caused by the particle accelerator giving him his powers. This series went on for weeks showing great DC characters like Gorilla Grodd, Pied Piper, The Trickster (played by the great Mark Hamill) and of course The Flash's greatest rival The Reverse Flash. The whole first series is about chasing this 'Man in Yellow', his mother's killer, so that he can get his wrongly convicted father out of prison. This series is just brilliant and I highly, highly recommend it, the second season is proving to be just as good with the introduction of Jay Garrick, a Flash from a parallel world, and the tyranny of Zoom, a dark speedster set out to be the only one. I know a bit like Highlander right. Anyway do watch this guys it is brilliant.

1. Game of Thrones- Finally the best to come! What can I say about this show? How do I start with this? Well firstly I will say that it is one of the most amazing ad brilliant shows that I have ever seen, EVER!. Secondly, once you start there is no way that you will be able to stop and if you finally catch up you have that grueling pain to wait for more just like the rest of us. Who wouldn't or doesn't like this show, it has everything anyone could want, violence, sex, dragons, giants, sex (I know I've put it twice but I think that it's key) and not to mention a great and bad ass story. If you want me to explain the basics of this story then I really just can't simplify it, it is just two complex to be basic all I can say that it is almost like the fight for the thrones, for the rightful King or Queen. Go and watch it because it will explain it better than I can. The reason why I love this programme so much is because of the characters and the story of it, keeping a similarity of the structure of the books that have come out, but it should be remembered that this is based on the books and not actually going to portray them exactly. But this programme always leaves me in some form of suspense, and it leaves and a form of a cliffhanger after every single one, it is just absolutely brilliant. The sheer battles that go on through it and the graphics that are involved just make your imagination go beyond the boundaries and see them as if it was reality. This is one of my favourite shows and I hope it is one of yours, if not and you start watching it, it will be.

Right guys, thanks for reading I hoped you liked this blog and I hope you love programmes just as much as I do! Thanks for reading, bye!

Thursday, 12 November 2015

New YouTube Video

Hello Guys and Welcome! I have just uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel, I hope you guys enjoy it. It is a video where I try out food and drinks that I have found in Morrisons on what I like to call the 'Random Aisle'. If you would like to see it for yourself, you can go through my link to YouTube on this blog or through this link : Please do watch it and I hope you enjoy it, so much so that you like Like it and Subscribe to my channel. Thanks Guys and Bye.

Monday, 2 November 2015

The Wombats Live

Hello Guys and Welcome to another one of my blogs! The other week, on October 23rd, I went to see one of my favourite bands, The Wombats. They were playing at the Liverpool Guild of Students, I will talk shortly about how they were and what my experience was like there.

Well firstly, my experience was absolutely bloody amazing it was one of those feelings that I love, the feelings of the amps playing a beat that thumped in your chest. It had been a while since I have gone to any form of gig so I was happy to be back where I felt like I belonged. I was taken back to younger years of going to many gigs on the regular basis and I had such excitement when they finally arrived on the stage, but apart from the nostalgia it was mainly because I love the band.

I feel like I should mention the support bands of The Wombats, the first band unfortunately I did not see if there was one, as I was being a little cheeky and getting a little merry. The name does escape me though when trying to search for them or even trying to remember them at all, I believe they were called something along the lines of The Night Cafe but I am not sure and I digress. However though I was there to see the second support band Sundara Karma, who at first by doing some prior research was happy with seeing them, but after actually seeing them I was thankful and ecstatic that I did get to see them. They are a new band to me, and are an up and coming band that I highly recommend that people should give a listen because I am sure that your ears would enjoy them. The song that they opened with 'Flame' is a great song that was just something that got me hooked straight away, I can't think of a comparison to them better than The Black Keys and Foster the People. I say these two purely for how the songs sound and how the lyrics are sung, although saying that, that pretty much covers all aspects. The song that they finished on 'Loveblood' was a great song for them to end on as it got everyone on their feet but ready for The Wombats who were up shortly afterwards.

The moment had come...the room went dark...the neon signs on the stage shone brightly...the screaming of hundreds of fans echoed the hall as the band members entered onto the stage. Their instruments at the ready...they started with their Capella sounds to and backing track to 'Give Me a Try' the whole place erupted in excitement and people were jumping up and down. Now I already predicted that this would be the song they would open with, ask anyone I know and they will tell you the same, and why wouldn't they start with that it is the perfect song to kick off the night with. I was so amazed and ecstatic with the gig in all, I mean I could go into great detail about the entire night but I won't, unless you want me too, because I don't want to bore you. I was just happy that I got to see my two favourite songs of the new album 'Glitterbug', as you would have seen from my previous posts if you've read them, 'Curveballs' and 'Pink Lemonade'. They are amazing songs off the album and are even better when they are performed live, it just made me love the songs more and the band even more so. I did not think that they would play the song 'Isabel' because it is one of the slowest songs not just off the new album but altogether, I think anyway, but Matt 'Murph' Murphy had a put a different twist on it with an acoustic guitar. Which I liked of course. And of course the one song that they ended with is the one they always end with, the one that they are most renowned for 'Let's Dance to Joy Division'. This is a endless classic which never gets boring and it is surely a hit that gets the crowd bouncing and screaming their heads one last time just as much as they had done the whole night. If I could put a negative on the night is that it was not long enough and could have been longer. However that is the negative on every gig, everyone wants them to be that little bit longer. The positive I always find with this band is that they can play some amazing sounds, riffs, solos and fillers in between every song so that they seem to be one continuous string of awesomeness. They know how to rock and to just be f**king legends!

Well that is it guys, that was how I felt about the gig of The Wombats and the support act and how much I completely loved being back in Liverpool. I could go into more detail about the night but like I said I do not want to bore you. Hope you all enjoyed this little review of the night and I hope that you get the chance to watch this great band yourself. Thanks for reading guys and bye!

Friday, 9 October 2015

My Youtube Channel!

Hello guys and Welcome! Only a short one this post, it is mainly to show to you or remind you that I have a YouTube channel if I have or haven't already said. It can be found in the right corner of my blog underneath 'Follow Me'. It's not something that I've done very long or isn't something that I'm consistent with but I do like to do videos or vlogs just for fun. I would really appreciate if anyone or everyone could watch my videos and like them please, or maybe even subscribe. You don't know, there could be some YouTube gold there. It's called The Book of Joel, no it's not some form of religious channel, like I said it's just some fun that I like to do and hopefully you all don't find it boring. Like I said you can find the link on the top right corner. I think from this point on every time I do a video or vlog from my channel I'm going to put or post a link of it here on my blog. I was going to post my previous ones (well I'm still debating that) but I feel like this blog will just be bombarded with the videos and no one will actually see my other posts. That's mainly because they will be driven away thinking there's nothing but videos. But that's not true, this blog has many posts about other things, trust me I should know. Okay, thank you guys for reading this post, please please please watch, like and subscribe to my channel it will be greatly appreciated. Bye!

Thursday, 24 September 2015

My 5 Favouite Albums of 2015 So Far...

Hi Guys and Welcome to my blog! In this particular segment I will be discussing the albums from 2015 that I have personally selected to be my favourite. I might be calling these my favourite but it does not necessarily mean that they are the best, it is just my view. I think that 2015 has been quite a sad year for music as there has not been many good albums that have come out, a lot of great bands and acts are just hiding in the shadows while writing future hits or are just relaxing. Although there have been some albums that have come out from quite popular acts and what they have done have let people down with their terrible music, making me feel a bit ill. I shall not name any names *cough* Kodaline *cough* but let it been known that follow up albums are always anticipated too highly and when they turn out to be terrible, the pain is all the more painful. Anyway let's get on with the list.

 5. Circa Waves: Young Chasers- This is an album which has some good points but has some bad points too. I'll start with the bad points, the album can feel like it is repeating itself a lot in the shape and format of the songs that it has. It also has the feeling that it copies of other bands in how the music and tries to hard to be exactly like other bands but I just want it really to break that boundary and show me something new. However the copying or sounding like other bands is also a good thing as well as a bad one because it reminds me of a lot of bands that have come and gone in the last few years (not really gone but temporally absent). It reminds me of a few bands like Two Door Cinema Club and a little of The Pigeon Detectives but more than anything it reminds me of the band The View, in just the how youthful the lead singer, Kieran Shudall, sounds. I do really like the songs 'Get Away' and the one known as 'T-Shirt Weather' both are great songs and yes they might be the most popular but how else would I have started listening to them, generally and literally since they are the first two songs of the album. This album although there are faults is a really good album and I have enjoyed listening to it and say that if you want to, to listen to it. 

4. Foals: What Went Down- What can I say about this album other than, it is very Foals-ish. I mean that in the sense of when I listen to it, it just reminds me of the other Foals' albums if not this one being a bit more aggressive than the other ones and very more heavy on the rocky side. It does have that Queens of the Stone Age feel to it when listening to it especially with the song 'Snake Oil', which I take as a good thing as I do enjoy the songs by QotSA. I do not think though that this is the best album that they have ever done, and I'm not quite sure if it's the worse one yet but however I do like the album so obviously that means something good. Right? I mean 'Holy Fire' was a big album to live up to as it was amazing but it got a lot of people starting to notice Foals due 'My Number' and it's not like this album is 'Total Life Forever' containing 'Spanish Sahara' or the album 'Antidotes' involving 'Olympic Airways'. But it is still a good album nonetheless and has some really good tunes like 'Night Swimmers' and the one most popular at the moment 'What Went Down' which shares the name with the album. Some of the songs are absolute belters and are good to sit and relax to, letting the day just pass. I really liked this album and I hope that you do too if you listen to it. I completely recommend it and I would put it on a list as a must listen to.

3. James Bay: Chaos & The Calm- Everyone knows James Bay for his great hit 'Hold Back the River', it is a great song and it is one that I cannot stop listening to or even stop replaying it in my head. However the rest of his album is just as good if not even better. It is a beautiful album which talks about so much to people and it has amazing tunes and words. You can tell there is a real sense of love in this album but not just that, it is a tale of travel and the unknown. Even his most famous song is about traveling back home so he can see his family, because that's all he wants or wanted to do as he was away for a while. Like I said there are many different great songs, like 'Let It Go', no it's not a cover of the Disney song if that thought ever crossed your mind. But it's another great song that just talks of so much love but yet there is the sense of, if not hate then resentment to the people or person he loves. Even the album kicks off with a belter of a song 'Craving' which is just something, at least for me, had me tapping my toes and getting along to the beat of the albums. There are some songs that can seem to be boring or depressing, but I say to you now that you should endure through it and I promise that you will love the album. I hope that his follow up album will not be a let down as many others have before this year from other acts.

2. Years & Years: Communion- This is another act which is probably known for its hit 'King' that came out and probably was the hit for everyone's Summer. But I genuinely think this band is absolutely brilliant, of course I do why else would I put this album second? Anyway they have a whole album full (imagine that) of great songs and I think that they should get as much praise as 'King' did. I do think that it is the unique voice of the lead singer Olly Alexander, he has a quite powerful voice which is something that just goes so well with this type of music. Think about it like this, when Calvin Harris or Sigma or any famous DJ's have collaborations with people with great voices like Ellie Goulding or Ella Henderson they make songs that are amazing and stick with people. Now this band are like this, DJ's that have collaborated with a great singer, but they have made an actual band and album out of it. They are just non-stop hits, like 'Shine' for example which is just another great song, which I think might be favourite from them or even 'Ties'. Both just have that right combination of great vocal and a great beat behind it without being too full of itself to make a great song. But this album does not just have dance songs like the well know hits, it has some heartfelt ones too and when you listen to the songs properly you realise that they have a deeper meaning to them and tell a story. This is a truly a great album and I highly recommend it to anyone to listen to it immediately if they haven't already. I mean it! Now! Go on then!

1. The Wombats: Glitterbug- Yes! It's true I absolutely love this album and this band! And if that's not obvious to you yet then I have no idea how, I mean I did a post not that long ago expressing my love for this new album and I even stated my five favourite songs from it. Which, by the way, you can check on this blog (just a little hint there). I have always been a fan of this band and never have I seen them fail with follow up albums, it just as usual with The Wombats. There are just some songs that are god like with what they say and the meaning behind them. It annoys me that they are not appreciated more by people or even rated much on the Top 40 Charts. I think that every song in this album is just a thing of pure genius and I know it seems like I am, but I cannot express just how great I think it is. The songs like 'Greek Tragedy' for example is just something that gets me so excited and beating along to every drum beat and has me air guitaring whilst lip syncing. There are so many great songs that come out of this and there are those that I love more than others and you can see which ones they are on my previous post about the album. I mean the list will literally go on and on if I could, like 'Be Your Shadow' and 'Give Me A Try' but my favourite of all of them has to be 'Curveballs' which just in my eyes beats all the others hands down. It talks of love, deceipt, grief and cheating which is pretty much like the whole album and the ones previous. This just goes to show that Matthew Murphy the lead has gone through some crap and we should feel so sorry for him but yet love him at the same time just because he has made some great music with it. This is my favourite album of the year hands down it is better in my eyes than all of the others, it just has better tunes and none truer words spoken. Seriously if you've not listened to this album, why!? You should right now!? I am serious, stop whatever it is that you are doing, I don't care how important it is, just go and listen to this album! Then you can come back read my blogs again and then we can relate! It is by far amazingly tremendous at being incredibly awesome! That's how serious I am! Get listening to it now, even if you've already listened to it. Listen to it over and over. I hope you're listening to it, I know I am!

These are what I genuinely think have been some of the better albums of this year. I know people might not agree with me or say that some of the albums are not that great, well if that's true it just shows how terrible 2015 has been for music. But that's what we have to show for it, it has given us some really good bits of music and some truly terrible ones. I hope that you have enjoyed this latest blog. Thanks for reading, bye!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

The 5 Games That I Am Most Excited For

Hello Guys an welcome to this post about the 5 games that I am most anticipated for! These games will be coming out either later this year or early next year, there are a load that I want to talk about too but I feel these are the outstanding few of the next year. Some of these games are ones that I will be getting because all of them are just games, or attachments to games from my childhood. I will show why I think these games are the best to come this year and why I am excited for them.

5. Rise of the Tomb Raider- This game is another origins game of the fabled Tomb Raider legacy. There has already been an origins game to this legacy which came out a few years ago and this is the sequel. If you did not play the previous game, then you should know it was a whirlwind of high end fun which left you constantly in suspense. The game was about Lara Croft being involved in a ship wreck and being stranded on an island, only discover secrets about the place and herself. Which is sort of what inspires her to become what she is most known for, The Tomb Raider. But by the way this game has shown Lara Croft to actually discover more about herself and the dark secrets that are in the shadows, making her pretty much the biggest adrenaline junkie that has ever been known. There was a time when people would buy the Tomb Raider games so they could drool over the character's animated body, which is a bit strange unless you are into 8-bit women. However it showed in the previous game that the creators could be a little perverted too, so who knows what will happen. Hopefully it is packed full with action, adventure, fun and suspense. The game is due to come out 13th November 2015.

4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3- This is a game which I am excited for it but at the same time I am hesitant for. This is because it just feels like all the Call of Duty games are just competing against each other and are trying to be better than the others and go that little step forward. This game follows on from the story line of Black Ops one and two but yet it does not, or from what I've seen, references them at all. Instead it just says that Humans are becoming more like machines with the development of technology, not just from the repairs made after losing limbs but also it shows people wanting to enhance themselves. But were is the mention of Menendez from Black Ops 2, that is if it was canon to keep him alive, or his reference to Ulysses or could the whole idea of "new world" he spoke of while reciting the poem could be the the basis of the new game. But the whole new combat idea might be too much for the player to get use too, because let's face it Advanced Warfare is not the greatest game anyone's ever played. I just hope it lives up to it's predecessor Black Ops 2 as I believe that to be a brilliant game with a brilliant story but also the multiplayer is just something which is out of this world. This is due out 6th November 2015.

3. Fallout 4- This is such a long awaited game! I can not seriously wait for this game to come out, I can just tell that this will be an amazing game to have just like all the others. I have watched some of the gameplay that was done by Bethesda earlier this year and I was just in utter amazement, the pure detail that has gone into it especially since it is a next gen game. And the actual detail that goes into it, alone just going into a power suit, having to step into it and for it to seal around you. I hope that they keep that kind of detail in the game because, even though we know it's not, it helps make it seem realistic and that this sort of post-apocalyptic state could happen to us. If you do not know what Fallout 4 is about or even the whole franchise, then stop reading now and just leave because it is already too late for yo, I mean why even bother read this far if you had no idea. It is a game that is like no other, which is probably the best way to describe it. The thing that I have heard and love the sound of the most is that there will be updates regularly so that there will be more and more missions for your characters can do. For up to ten years of the game being out anyway.But this is a game franchise which i love and I can't wait for its release on 10th November.

2. Halo 5: Guardians- A great game from my childhood which has never failed to amaze me or make me want more from the story. So there is no shock that this has taken the second place on this list! What thrills me the most about this game, is that it is seen from a different perspective (much like with the Arbiter in Halo 2) but a Spartan called Locke who is hunting the great Master Chief. This is due to the Master Chief seen to be almost an outlaw or an enemy of UNSC for some bizarre reason and makes me think what he could have done. With the Spartan Locke after the Master Chief and for him to be apparently a 'fraud' and all his heroic acts in the past has been nothing but lies. Has there been something lost in translation? Has there been some form of corruption or has the Chief been framed? Well we will just have to wait to see what the story shows us. But from the last game we know that the death of Cortana had affected the Chief greatly, so maybe oit affected his mentality as well, although he did go through such excruciating training as a child that nothing could break him. Although could it be a thing of love? Well he did love Cortana and the idea of her being with him constantly is something that he wanted. I can tell that this game will have so much action in it and I cannot wait to see what the story has I store for us. It is obvious that in this game there will be a massive battle between Master Chief and Spartan Locke but only your actions will decide what the fates will hold for them both. The new Halo game comes out on 27th October 2015!!

1. Star Wars: Battlefront- Here it is! My most anticipated for game! And why not!? It is going to be amazing, it is going to be possibly be the greatest game of all time. I know that might be saying it a bit early or even going a bit too far, but lets be serious, this game will be awesome and everyone knows it. It will be the best game ever and if not then it will pretty damn close, I mean just look at the gameplay. The amount of AI that goes beyond the norm, and the detail of everything, just everything! Even down to the grains of snow on Hoth and the buttons that are on the inside of all the vehicles when you look from the 1st person perspective. There is also the rumour but I'm not sure that it is true although I do hope that it is is, and this that you can be in a space battle above a planet and then fly down to the surface and fight on the ground. A complete game which has this easy and steady flow which blends perfectly together and almost seems effortless with minimal with the load screens if this sort of thing is possible. All you have to do is watch the gameplay and you will see just how action packed and how amazing this game will actually be with all the effort that has gone into it. So far it shows places that coincide with the original trilogy and hopefully it follows the story of that and even that of the new trilogy. There is even a DLC which will be coming out were a battle is set on Jakku, this is meant to be before the events of the new The Force Awakens. Anyway I can just tell already this game is going to be amazing and I cannot seriously wait for 19th November 2015 when this game comes out!!

So that's it guys, that is my list of all the games that I can not wait for. I will definitely will be getting these games and will be playing them extensively so much so that I don't know what the colour of the sky is anymore. I might take some time away (if I can be dragged away that is) to do an extensive review about one of the games or two. I hope these games live up to their reputation. Thanks for reading, bye!

Thursday, 20 August 2015

The 5 Most Anticipated Movies

Hello Guys! In this post about Movies I will be giving a review about some of the films that I cannot wait to see.  These are movies that will be coming out over the course of the next year, either they be close to the end of 2015 or right up to the Summer of 2016. There are dozens of movies that will be coming over the course of the next year but I have narrowed it down to five that I am most anxious to watch. There are not many movies that make me tap my feet with impatience but I feel some of these movies do.

5. X-Men: Apocalypse- This is a film that is something that doesn't make me impatient for it to come out but I do want to see it. I have always liked the X-Men films even though now they have gone a bit confusing and even with the added Wolverine film franchise spin off. The story of X-Men if you do not know it already is about a school for mutants that are lead by their Headmaster Professor Charles Xavier. The films have escalated from time to time, from movie to movie to progress the story that is based loosely on the comic books. But I find the X-Men films always something very interesting to watch but like I said it has become confusing, the fact that Professor X died in the third film but came back as he 'moved his conscience' into another body when his own physical one was exploded into tiny atoms. And the idea of the end of the last one 'Days of Future Past' were the last few films have been made pointless because what Wolverine had done by going back in time through his own mind. This has changed the very way that events that followed the seventies and made the first three X-Men films pointless as if to say they did not even happen, this is shown even more by numerous characters who had died have miraculously survived. But the end of 'Days of Future Past' leads up to the new film 'Apocalypse' there is not been a true plot yet but the character known as Apocalypse is one of if not the oldest mutant. He is immortal and it is rumored that the events of the last film and the disruption in time and space is why he turns up. The film is set to come out 27th May 2016.

4. Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens- Now this is a film I'm sure a lot of people cannot wait to see and I am one of them. I think my excitement for it is that the franchise is one of my favorites but I really want the film to prove me wrong. I want this film to be amazing, it's fine if it's not as good as the classics but good in it's own rights. This is because originally I thought that the movie was going to be stupid and ridiculous mainly because of the main villain in it who I think portrays a Revan look, but mainly because his crusader sword like lightsaber is stupid. But looking past that point the first trailer did nothing for me really, it gave me no form of excitement. However I thought that the second trailer was a lot better, it showed a lot more depth in the story and it was all round a better trailer, plus it involved Han Solo and Chewbacca who are legends of the film series. Though in this with the brand new Chrome Troopers who are just Storm Troopers revamped, it would hopefully answer what happened to the thousands of Storm Troopers that remained after the last film. I just hope this film is something that proves to be better than I anticipate even if the rumour of Han's death is true. The film is set to come out on the 18th December 2015.

3. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice- Coming in third is this long awaited for film by Nolan and Snyder. This is a film that I have liked the idea of from the very start, it is a combination of two of my favourite superheroes who of course clash. This film seems like the retelling of the comic The Dark Knight Returns, which sees the return of Batman after being away for ten years however the story is a bit reversed. While in the film's trailer it shows it is Batman who intends to take down Superman because he is a false God and a menace, also it would seem that he has his own army. While in the comics it is the opposite as Batman is the one is intended to be stopped by Superman for he can not be controlled and he forms his own army to take back Gotham City after it went into chaos. But from the release of more trailers, the more excited I get from it and even the fact that there is reference to The Joker and the new Suicide Squad film. The one reference from The Joker we see is a Robin costume with spray paint writing "Ha Ha, the jokes on you Batman" on it. It is thought that this is the costume of Jason Todd, the Robin who was killed by The Joker and has done this to mock Batman to show how he failed in his efforts. There is also a rumour that The Joker is actually Jason Todd and it is because of Batman and his neglect or his failure to save him from a villain probably, the old form of Red Hood. This failure made him lose his mind and he became a character of Batman's own creation, Jason Todd becoming the Crown Prince of Crime. This is, if it is true, an adapted version or a combination of the comics 'The Killing Joke' and 'Under The Hood' but it is not confirmed if this will be the plot of that but if it is I'm not sure if I like it and how they've done it. The film is set to come out 25th March 2016.

2. Deadpool- Here's number two! I for cannot, and I mean cannot wait for this film! Never has an actor been so right for a film as Ryan Reynolds for the part of Deadpool, it was as if he was born just to play this role. I remember watching X-Men Origins: Wolverine were it included Reynolds as the character Wade Wilson and he pulled it off so well to be the 'Merc with a Mouth' and when I saw him in this role, I know I wanted more. This was a film i have been hoping to be confirmed for years and now it has I am waiting for it's arrival. It is true that Reynold's has played superheroes before, for example he played Green Lantern in the as said film, it was not his greatest film but a decent effort, it just did not suit him as well as Deadpool does. I did enjoy the 'Green Lantern' film up until the point that he placed a helicopter onto some green hot wheels, at that point I admit I have never been so cross from a film for being so stupid. I think what I love about this film is not just the actor who is so perfect for the role, it is also the character itself. The character is so different from the norm, he swears, he smokes, he has humour and is violent but also the character breaks the fourth wall and actually talks to the reader or in this perspective , the viewer. I love that idea because it shows that this dark character is completely mad from his past experiences and not even that, his isolation from everyone he loved as his skin cancer had left him deformed. But not just that his body and appearance is a curse as he is immortal and has to remain like that forever. It is set to come out 12th February 2016 and I cannot seriously wait for it!

1. Captain America: Civil War- Here it is the number one of them all! How to start with this one, I love this cinematic series and other people love it too, so much so that DC Comics are even trying to copy Marvel in their efforts. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe I have enjoyed every movie, I have found them to be brilliant and they get better as they go along and I personally cannot wait for this film as it pits two sides of Marvel Heroes against each other. If you are unaware then it is basically the Avengers split into two as war between Captain America and Iron Man wages. The sides that people take in this film has already been revealed online or at least rumoured but they show to be pretty hard evidence, there has also been photos leaked from sets and it makes me excited. The set photos already reveals that Black Panther will be in it, and also it shows a nemesis of Captain America's in it too, Crossbones, who was his mere alter ego in the last Captain America and was left for dead. There has also been some photos of the new Spider-Man actor Tom Holland on set in what appears to be a rustic outfit, as in a blue and red hoodie that he wears but it still unclear just like the photos. I do wonder what they are going to do that starts off the Civil War because i would have thought that it would have been due to Ultron that they would fight but at the end of the film it seemed that everything was confirmed. So, like in the comics, an act or bill is drawn up to regulate superhuman activity which does not go down greatly as Captain America is against this act and Iron Man is in support of it. It will be interesting what will happen or how it will play out, whether it be the same as the comics or if it will be different but I am really excited for it and I cannot wait for it to come out. If all plays out well it might be my favourite Marvel film. It is due to come out 6th May 2016.

Well that was my list of the most anticipated or the most anticipated by me, of films to come out within the next year or so. I hope that all these films live up to what I have said about them or even to be greater than what I said they could be, because there's nothing I hate more than a film looking better than it is. Thanks Guys for reading!

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Wombats Glitterbug Favourites

Hello Guys! In this post about Music I will be talking about The Wombats and my favourite 5 tracks from their new album, Glitterbug! This is because I find this third album a brilliant one to complete a trilogy of amazing music, but I am also doing this post because I am going to see them in October in Liverpool. This will be the second time that I will be seeing the band live and if it is anything like the last one then it will surely be something to behold in such great wonder. This post is mainly to show off my appreciation for the new album but also for my favourite tracks and most anticipated songs to hear live.

5. Emoticons- This is a song that begins this album off. But it is also a song that has a brilliant guitar rift at the beginning and end, that if you listened to it through surround sound speakers or even the amps of the band, then you would feel the notes pulsing through your body. This is not only a good song, it has a strong message behind it. It shows that conversation is dead and the modern way to communicate between one another is to send just these faces with an emotion rather than actual words. This song does not alone show that the art of conversation is non-existent but it also describes how the lead singer and guitarist, Matthew Murphy, had his heartbroken and has been strung along by a woman. There are numerous songs that, like this, detail past relationships in the entire album and is even reflective in previous albums.

4. Greek Tragedy- This another great song to which the tunes and rhythm to it are just magnificent! When I first heard this song prior to the album coming out, I immediately fell in love with it in the first four seconds. I think it might have been the subtle keyboard playing in the background, or the drums that come in like a fluttery heart. Or it might be what sounds like a woman screaming in harmony with the track, whatever it was if not all of it, made me fall in love. This song feels like it had a deeper meaning to it too. It almost describes to the imagination that the singer has met someone that makes them fall madly in love and that person they have met makes them feel so much better and feel like a better person. Which is something that a lot of people can relate to, which is why I think The Wombats are a good band, because their music is very relatable.

3. Be Your Shadow- Just about getting the bronze is this song. A story about a man who obviously does not care about how he is treated by his significant other, he is just happy that he is with her and wants to do nothing that. Even if this is being abused, or maybe this song is admiration for another and it is simply saying that they would let you do anything to them just as long as they can be by your side. I could go on with different analytical reasonings and the deeper meanings behind this song. This song is one that makes like it is designed to be one to workout with, much like in the video, but also it feels like a track that could be dance to casually at a nightclub in the middle of town. I love the whole entire idea behind this song and I love the messages that this song holds in its few minutes.

2. Pink Lemonade- Close in silver! What can I say about this song other than it is just one of my favourite songs of the whole album, it just expresses everything that can go wrong in a relationship. It shows the jealousy a person can have when seeing his ex partner with some one new. But it shows that they have too something new, a look on life or particularly how they perceive their ex and see them for what exactly they are and know no that they weren't as perfect as they once thought they were. The singer from the band Matthew 'Murph' Murphy, shows how he simply found life pointless and/or boring now that he has nothing to do and has nothing to focus his life on, which again people would find relatable. One of the strangest things about this song is the same thing that I love, which is that the tempo and the tune of the song is very upbeat and happy but all the while what is being said can be seem a little depressing. But nonetheless it is a magnificent song!

1. Curveballs- Here it is! Number One! My Golden Track of the New Album! It might not have been originally but it is something that I have listened to more and more lately, it has been stuck in my head so much, that I demanded it to be played. This song is just a wide range of musical genius which the guitar rift, tunes, the simple drum and bass is just the cherry on top of this calm starting song and then it rises in tempo. Much like the mood of a person in a arguments, at first they are clam and then as the conversation goes on they increase in tempo with a burst of sound. This is expressed greatly in this song, it shows just how a simple rhythmic song can be so powerful and beautiful. This story is quite obviously about cheating on your partner, or more specifically having your partner cheat on you and knowing the little signs and hints at it. But this shows the idea of the typical man being ignorant or clueless to what is going on in their relationship. But it is almost like the singer is saying that women cannot be trusted or at least his ex and that women can be confusing in what they say and intend, because they will say one thing and mean another. It makes you gaze in awe but also feel sorry for the band because they have made incredible music but at such a cost of unhappiness by not finding the right partner.  I can not express enough how this song's tunes and lyrics are something that imprint on me other than expressing how much that I love this song, this album and this entire band.

Well there it is! My entire list of my top 5 favourite tracks from Glitterbug. Trust me it is a brilliant album and you should listen to it if you have not already. I have put links to all these tracks underneath each listing, so you can listen to them directly. I hope that this post has been most interesting and you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it. Thanks and roll on October!!

Hi Guys and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to my blog! This is somewhere I can go to incite my views and opinions about the world and even tell to everyone what I am excited for or what I'm most hesitant for. The post i will put up will most likely have the typical items in a blog, I will be talking about music, games, films and many more things. It will hopefully be a place that you find good to go and I hope you enjoy my posts too and find them interesting. Thanks for reading!